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How to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock?

How to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock?

When your key stuck or broke inside the lock, this is an emergency, and your first reaction must be calling locksmith Mesa’s professional locksmiths. However, if you want to save some of your cash, you can solve the problem on your own by using some & few simple tools. 

It depends on how much your key stuck in the lock, so you can either pull or rake it out. Professional locksmiths use only specially designed tools to rank out the keys, but the blade of a jigsaw or the scroll saw is useful.  

Things That You Will Need

•  Screwdriver (optional)

•  Penetrating oil

•  Jigsaw or scroll saw blade

•  Needle-nosed pliers

Let’s start!

• First, you need to spray the penetrating oil in the keyhole to loosen the works up. This will be helpful, especially if your door lock has been working difficult recently. 

• Check carefully how much the key has broken free of the lock. If your key broke in the middle & the part that you are holding has some of the key cuts, then the lock still allows the key in & out. 

• If the key part that you are holding has only the head without any parts, then probably you turned the key part before it broke. Insert the screwdriver in the lock & turn it back to the standard vertical position.

• Put into the keyhole tip of a pair needle-nosed pliers. Grip the broken key part & pull it out. This technique is useful if your key broken from the head & all the parts are in the lock. In case you can’t pull it out, you can remove the pilers & then set them aside.

• Slip the scroll saw, or jigsaw blade into the keyhole with the teeth pointed straight down. Keep pushing it in till you feel that the blade teeth grab one of the cuts of the key. Pull out the saw blade of the keyhole as it should bring the broken part with it. 


If you can’t get your tools because they are inside your house & you locked outside the house, check the key case. If only half of your key stuck inside the lock & the rest of it in your hand, no one would be able to pick your lock while you are getting the essential tools. 

If the key cuts are still in, anyone will be able to turn it with a screwdriver; thus, you have to let someone you trust stand to guard while you get the needed things.